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Strategy Solution

Objective Health’s Strategy Solution provides hospitals with prioritized opportunities for growth - based on objective, fact-based analyses and a clear understanding of your hospital’s unique business, market position, and culture. The solution delivers a prioritized portfolio of strategic opportunities for growth.

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Expertise, Proven Experience & Best Practices from the Innovators in Strategy

A Comprehensive Solution with 7 Key Areas of Focus:

  • Industry trends and the effect on your market
  • Inpatient and outpatient volume projections, payor changes, and reform impact on your hospital and your market
  • Impact of various market scenarios on your hospital P&L
  • Service line growth in your market and region
  • Hospital-wide growth opportunities
  • Service line growth opportunities
  • Portfolio of prioritized strategic growth initiatives

How It Works

Objective Health’s four phase approach to strategies for growth provides a thorough and comprehensive analysis of a hospital’s market, industry trends, and competitive landscape to identify key areas for growth. We collaborate with your team to understand your culture, develop actionable initiatives, and support implementation.

Strategy Approach
Effective strategies for growth

Effective Strategies For Growth:
A Unique Approach


Data Collection to Build the Fact Base

The Discovery phase focuses on collecting and transforming data to build a fact base for modeling and scenario planning.


Modeling and Scenario Planning

We model hospital economics under a range of scenarios based on industry trends, the local competitive landscape, historic market share / volume / economic trends, population demographics, service line projections, and payor changes, in addition to other factors. Each of these analyses is incorporated into the projection of a hospital's P&L through 2019.

Phase 3: GROWTH

Opportunity Assessment and Prioritization

We assess opportunities for hospital-wide, and inpatient and outpatient service line growth. Then we conclude with a list of growth opportunities and initiatives prioritized by the size of the projected impact, risk, and timing.


Monitor Performance and Sustain Results

This phase is focused on aligning the hospital executive team and key stakeholders on the multi-year plan of strategic growth initiatives. We provide training and launch support of key initiatives to drive effective change management. Web-based, user friendly tools ensure successful implementation, with analytics to measure impact.