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Reform Implications Answer

Reform Implications leverages the industry’s only behavioral model to project how each individual in the U.S. will elect coverage pre- and post-reform. The analysis also examines how critical reimbursement changes (e.g., Medicare growth rate declines, DSH reductions, Medicaid reductions, etc) will impact the economics of a hospital/system.

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Project Individual Patient Coverage,
Pre- and Post-Reform


  • What's included: Healthcare Experts, Data Analytics
  • Duration: 3 to 6 weeks

Topics Covered

  • Projected impact of healthcare reform on revenue and margins
  • Key drivers of impact identified by year, by category of impact, by clinical service line
  • Market volume projections by DRG for PSA/SSA (primary service area, secondary service area)

How You Benefit

  • Analysis of economic impact across multiple scenarios
  • 1 day workshop: Objective Health experts present and discuss the findings of the analysis to key stakeholders in the hospital
  • Alignment of top team, medical staff and key stakeholders on fact base, implications, and actions required