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Objective Results

Objective Results is a powerful service for identifying and prioritizing initiatives, driving accountability, sustaining long-term momentum, and achieving lasting results. Objective Results includes both innovative software and expert support to ensure your program stays on track -and it’s specifically designed for the needs of hospitals.

Screenshot Screenshot Initiative tracking from any location

Ideas, Accountability, Sustainable Results


  • What's included: Performance Tools, Expert Support
  • Duration: Subscription

Make sure initiatives don’t die on the vine...

  • Drive the smartest, most impactful initiatives deep into your organization by tracking actions from start to completion
  • Track and maintain all of the key initiatives across your hospital/system in one centralized location
  • Assign single-point accountability for each initiative, and monitor progress real-time
  • Measure the impact of a portfolio of initiatives across the hospital/system
  • Access Objective Health ideas and best practices across the most critical areas of the hospital/system

How It Works

Objective Results includes web-based software and expert support. The software enables easy access and initiative tracking from any location. Hospitals/systems can track their own initiatives, or Objective Health can help design a customized program to meet almost any management objective.