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Margins Solution

Objective Health’s Margins Solution is for hospitals that need to quickly get to profitability on government reimbursed lines of business. It includes a thorough review of hospital functions, with a focus on identifying cost saving and revenue generating opportunities.

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Proven Experience and Best Practices to Deliver the Greatest Impact

A Broad, Comprehensive Analysis of 5 Key Areas:

  • Hospital Labor Productivity
  • Materials Management
  • Operational Efficiency / Lean Methodology
  • Clinical Variation
  • Revenue Cycle Management

How It Works

Objective Health’s four phase approach to operating at Medicare Margins provides a thorough and comprehensive analysis of a hospital’s cost base and revenue cycle to identify ways to increase efficiency and profit margins. We collaborate with your team to understand your culture, develop actionable initiatives, and support implementation.

Margins Approach
Comprehensive Assessment of 5 Key Focus Areas

Comprehensive Assessment of 5 Key Focus Areas: A Unique Approach


Data Collection to Build the Fact Base

The Discovery phase focuses on collecting and transforming data to build a fact base for modeling and scenario planning.


Evaluation of Performance in Five Key Functional Areas

We conduct an assessment of each of five focus areas: hospital labor productivity, purchasing and supply chain, clinical service line variability, operational efficiency, and revenue cycle. Next, we conduct problem-solving workshops with the hospital team on margin improvements, and discuss preliminary initiative recommendations.

Phase 3: DESIGN

Opportunity Prioritization and Initiative Development

We assess opportunities for hospital-wide, and inpatient and outpatient service line growth. Then we conclude with a list of growth opportunities and initiatives prioritized by the size of the projected impact, risk, and timing. Then we work with your team to develop and design initiatives to capture these opportunities, defining key steps, timelines and targets.


Monitor Performance and Sustain Results

This phase is focused on aligning the hospital executive team and key stakeholders on the multi-year plan of strategic growth initiatives. We provide training and launch support of key initiatives to drive effective change management. Web-based, user friendly tools ensure successful implementation, with analytics to measure impact.