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Objective Health, a McKinsey Solution for Healthcare Providers

Objective Health, a McKinsey Solution for Healthcare Providers, is a specialized group within McKinsey & Company that empowers healthcare providers to improve their performance and results.

Objective Health combines proprietary advanced analytics, unmatched expertise, and hospital-specific tools to help clients quickly identify opportunities and realize sustainable results.

Deep, Advanced Analytics

  • Proprietary models and analytics get to the heart of the real issues and opportunities faster
  • Distinctive data assets (from both our own clients and purchased from others)
  • Ability to link diverse data sets to extract the best insights

Unmatched Expertise

  • Talented team with mix of consulting, hospital administration, functional expertise — includes MDs, nurses, and more
  • Ability to leverage insights from decades of healthcare client experience in the McKinsey healthcare practice
  • Team-based model that allows us to line up the right expertise at the right time to meet your needs

Hospital-Specific Tools

  • Flexible platform that "meets you where you are" with existing systems
  • Data model and software to automate standard analytics and generate metrics that are "apples to apples"
  • Ability to link initiatives and impact to ensure that you're driving improved performance

About McKinsey & Company

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